Managed Workspace: A Love Story

Managed Workspace: A Love Story

Managed workspace: a subject so boring it needs an analogy.

The analogy: when businesses are small, taking serviced office space is like starting a relationship in your early twenties. Nothing feels too important or long-term. You make decisions based on simple metrics like attraction, or convenience, or just gut feel. If it all goes wrong you can cancel the contract without shedding too many tears.

But when businesses get big it’s time to settle down, get a mortgage and have screaming kids. Big office decisions will affect your business in the same way. Moving from a serviced office to a leased space is the difference between a high-school fling and walking down the aisle into a minefield of costs, time consuming activities and logistical pitfalls. It’s tricky, but it’s worth it. Cue stock image.

Just like with marriage (yes, the analogy continues) there’s no guidebook for leasing an office. No single person will help you work with agents, tell you which building to take, tackle the negotiations and sign a lease for you. Nobody will advise you how to undertake build works or buy the right furniture. This is probably not your area of expertise - you don’t know about air conditioning systems, or business rates disputes, or dilapidations clauses. For something so expensive and important to a business, it’s remarkable how many will blindly walk straight into a massive real estate commitment. 

In a world where we can land rockets, split the atom and microwave a roast dinner, there should be a one-stop-shop for getting a leased office.

M-Lease is the solution: it’s Leasing-On-Demand. It’s matchmaking, wedding planning, family planning and couples counselling all wrapped into one simple quarterly fee (still going…). We handle the entire process; from finding a building and fitting it out to operating and maintaining the space. It’s like having an experienced CWO (Chief Workspace Officer) working within your organisation.

M-Lease is groundbreaking. Not only is it cost-effective and hassle-free, but also transparent. We work with an open-book P&L so you can see every penny being spent (including our fee). By doing this, we’re finally offering a managed workspace product that businesses can trust, where both parties’ motivations are aligned.

Do I need to revert back to the wretched analogy again? Do I need to talk more about weddings, and trust and integrity? Are you starting to feel patronised and bored? I expect so.

Conclusion: M-Lease takes care of the biggest workspace decision your business will ever make. It won’t fix your marriage.

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